Silo Your Content

Grain Silo in middle of a field

I’ve done some really fun work with the folks at Nav43 doing some small websites and some large builds on WordPress & WooCommerce. One of the things that came up when they did their SEO audit was a way of “siloing content” – meaning anything that’s a blog article under “/blog” and anything to do…

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Live Streaming Starter Guide

Auditorium full of people listening to a speaker at a WordCamp

I started the Durham Region WordPress meetup group a few years back. I’m not good at maintaining community, so I was thrilled when Andy McIlwain decided to move out to the burbs and take on the community, help with planning and really get this group to where I could never take it alone. Which brings…

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Page Builders in the Age of Gutenberg

Page Builders in the Age of Gutenberg title slide

Questions covered: What’s page builder? If you already use a page builder on your site, would you consider switching to Gutenberg? When starting a new WordPress site, what considerations would you take when choosing between a page builder, Gutenberg or the classic editor? Which one would you choose? Is Gutenberg using flexbox, grid layout or…

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Funky CSS buttons

Picture of an old payphone dial pad

Working on a new project that will (hopefully) be launched soon, I received designs a few weeks ago. Well designed, nothing out of the ordinary, except this button: I love the design, so I really wanted the look and animation to be amazing. So I found a tutorial that uses an outer and inner element,…

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Not just witty comments in your code

Picture of a desk with a laptop in the foreground

Documentation best practices for themes, plugins and APIs, Presentation at WordCamp Hamilton 2019 What? Documentation Helps guide the end user around your plugin/theme/package/etc Can be either a user guide or code reference Comments Help guide the developer (you or someone using your code) understand what they’re looking at Aids in the automated creation of a…

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Freelancing 101: Full Time Contracts

A person about sign a document

It’s no secret that I’ve done a lot of contracting over the years I’ve been a developer. I started out with a contract job and have done several since. Most of them were very good. I highly recommend both Vitamin T and PMC Recruitment for genuinely caring about their contractors. They have fantastic staff, and…

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Get on the Dev Train

Man on a Train, looking out the window

There are days when you get on the train and you think it’s just going to be another day of the commuter life. Then there are days like a day last fall, where I noticed the octocat sticker on the back of the phone of the guy in front of me. He had plugged his…

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