Get on the Dev Train

There are days when you get on the train and you think it’s just going to be another day of the commuter life. Then there are days like a day last fall, where I noticed the octocat sticker on the back of the phone of the guy in front of me. He had plugged his phone into a portable battery, and I motioned at the newly minted combo AC/USB wall plates under the window.

I mentioned my gripe about IT departments, and he chuckled. Then we got to the chatting.

Turns out he’s a relatively new JS Developer; who, as I hear a lot, just fell into a role JS was a big part of. We traded life stories of tech phobia turned tech-centric.

I got a chance to tell stories of success and failure, what to steer clear of, the joys and pitfalls of full time and contract gigs and owning your own business.

It was good. Gave me a reason to enjoy the train again.

Photo by charlotte on Unsplash