Sportsnet Predict

One of Rogers’ Creative Innovation Lab’s core objectives is to find new ways to engage with audiences. When Sportsnet landed on the theme of Unpredictable for their 2020 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs campaign, The Lab went to work considering different ways to bring that theme to life through innovation. What ended up being developed was an in-app second-screen experience that asked fans to make predictions based on real-time, in-game questions. (That’s a mouthful: In short, fans could speculate on the outcome of events using the Sportsnet app on their phone.) Cheekily called “Predict the Playoffs,” our experiment was a massive success: over 17,000 players spent an average of 28 mins engaging with the product throughout the playoffs.

With the help of the team, I scoped and co-developed a custom web app built on Codeigniter, utilizing vanilla JavaScript and a bit of jQuery to tap a custom real-time polling and contest service to capture user input and send it to Codeigniter for processing and storing.