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Food is Fuel

I hate it. I hate having to eat healthy. There. I said it.

But I’ve lost almost 15 lbs in 2 weeks because I am eating healthy. Anyone who knows me probably knows that I’ve struggled with my weight all my life. It’s gotten to the point that in my 30s I’m on two blood pressure medications, medication to stop gout (which started in my teens), and an asthma inhaler (which started in my 20s). It’s gotten to the point that I’m more sick of those ailments than I am about hating eating healthy.

I jumped a big hurdle today. I was so tempted to get pizza, which is only 2 doors down from my office; but I didn’t. You know why? Because I’d rather live longer and miss out on one thing I enjoy to be there for many other things I enjoy. Like my wife. My kids. My business. Maybe even finding new things I could enjoy that I couldn’t before: like riding my bike to work everyday. Or skateboarding. Or skiing. Who knows, but when you have stamina, the sky’s the limit.

I’m writing this to myself as much as anyone else who may read this. I need to convince myself that missing out on the foods (gummies) that I like (steak) will have lasting benefits (bread) than the short term pleasure (chips) that bad food gives.

So I’ve lost 15 lbs. I’ve got 80┬ámore to go, give or take 15. What’s another year of this?

I’m (loosely) following the Daniel Plan. I’m giving it a read through with a bunch of people before going full force into following it. Give it a look. If the God side of things isn’t… ummm… your thing, take a look at the 10 Day Detox Diet, which admittedly is not the best title for those who don’t believe in “cleanses,” but it gives you a rundown of food and what it does to your body.