Silo Your Content

Grain Silo in middle of a field

I’ve done some really fun work with the folks at Nav43 doing some small websites and some large builds on WordPress & WooCommerce. One of the things that came up when they did their SEO audit was a way of “siloing content” – meaning anything that’s a blog article under “/blog” and anything to do…

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Page Builders in the Age of Gutenberg

Page Builders in the Age of Gutenberg title slide

Questions covered: What’s page builder? If you already use a page builder on your site, would you consider switching to Gutenberg? When starting a new WordPress site, what considerations would you take when choosing between a page builder, Gutenberg or the classic editor? Which one would you choose? Is Gutenberg using flexbox, grid layout or…

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Funky CSS buttons

Picture of an old payphone dial pad

Working on a new project that will (hopefully) be launched soon, I received designs a few weeks ago. Well designed, nothing out of the ordinary, except this button: I love the design, so I really wanted the look and animation to be amazing. So I found a tutorial that uses an outer and inner element,…

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#wpdrama or Conference Planning 101

People in a University lecture hall

Another WordCamp has come and gone. I’ve been going to WordCamp Toronto since the beginning—2007—and I’ve seen some of the best planned and best speakers I’ve seen this side of a $1000 conference; some even better. For the last year I’ve actually taken the plunge into speaking at some of the WordCamps in the Southern…

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Using Yoast or Breadcrumb NavXT in Page Builders

Crusty Bread

I’m a huge fan of Beaver Builder, not so much a fan of Divi Builder; sometimes, when you’re building out pages in one of those (or others) you use a template that doesn’t have standard headers or footers. Though it’s not as in style as it used to be, some clients/UX designers still like having…

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